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Cost effective great buildings can only be achieved when client organisations take a leadership role and ensure the project is delivered by being thorough, evidence based and consultative.
Creating places and buildings that are good for people, good for the environment and save money is an aim that any organisation can aspire to. But we know that delivering development projects and the procurement of great buildings is like coaching a relay team. A succession of teams work up the project throughout a particular stage and then they hand over to the next team. People at all stages play a key role in the final success of the project.

To get the process right is a balancing act: start activities too early and the planning costs spiral out of control, start too late and valuable opportunities will be lost. To make the challenge even greater, the views on what are good buildings are subject to continual and rapid change.

The complexity of the process and the fast changing context put high demands on strategy and capability of any organisation that deals with creating great places and great buildings.

There can be many barriers on the road to creating great places and great buildings. These barriers find their roots in everything from lack of understanding and awareness, processes that prevent good decisions, dilettantism to misallocation of financial incentives.

Organisations that manage the challenges of sustainable development well use the following ingredients:

  • Understanding the barriers to sustainable development in the sector
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Agile and promoting divergence in project delivery
  • Active learning from missed opportunities (not just mistakes)
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Seek to influence others
  • Continually develop skills, knowledge and awareness

Whether you would like an independent view on your current performance to identify the areas for your next round of your improvement programme, identify industry wide barriers or support with the development and implementation of a programme you should talk to us and discuss how we can help.




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