Seminar series: the London Plan and climate change

Chapter 5 in the London Plan 2016 deals with the planning policies for climate change. The first 8 policies in this chapter are reserved for climate change mitigation: i.e. they focus on measures that promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Policy 5.9 to 5.15 promote the adaptation to climate change.

To ensure compliance with the London Plan requirements on climate change, adjustments to both landscape design and building design beyond business-as-usual are necessary. The key is to identify which measures are effective and viable.

Although it is clear that climate change will have an impact on the built environment in London, the magnitude and extent of change to each of the parameters is subject to uncertainty. To deal with the uncertainty a risk based approach is an appropriate way to manage the issue.

One of the key requirements in the London Plan is that climate change adaptation is considered as an integral and essential part of the development process and is seen to be a key part of ensuring buildings are fit for purpose into the future. It also states that it is the early design stage that is the most cost effective moment to incorporate relevant design and technological measures. We therefore advocate to consider the project’s appropriate response to the need to adapt to climate change is a five step approach leading to an effective and viable project specific implementation plan.

  1. Identify potential climate change
  2. Identify project’s attitude to uncertainty
  3. Risk analysis regarding overheating, flooding and materials integrity
  4. Identify adaptation measures
  5. Prepare implementation plan

The implementation plan would support the planning application and guides the further design process of the building.

We have over 10 years experience in addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation in new building projects and have used this experience to develop a cost conscience approach to addressing climate change adaptation.

We organise a series of seminars in which we discuss the implications of the London Plan requirements for development projects and a strategy that could be adopted to address the requirements.

The seminars are free to attend.

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