Climate Change Adaptation and the London Plan

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Climate change due to increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere is a fundamental challenge facing the world. Even if all greenhouse gas emissions would cease now it is projected that the world would still need to adapt to at least a century of irreversible climate change. The Mayor of London has produced a strategy for Climate Change Adaptation and the London Plan supports this strategy in as far as it effects new development proposals.

The London Plan sets out a range of key requirements for new development projects addressing a variety of issues that are associated with climate change adaptations. The issues include reducing the urban heat island effect, reduce heat gain of buildings, flood mitigation and urban drainage and improving the water use efficiency of building. While most of the requirements are included in the London Plan, a number of housing specific issues are included in the recently published supplementary planning guidance of housing.

In the London Plan there is a clear expectation that climate change adaptation is considered as an integral and essential part of the development process and is seen to be a key part of ensuring buildings are fit for purpose into the future. It also states that it is the early design stage that is the most cost effective moment to incorporate relevant design and technological measures.

This section of our website provides information about how the London climate is changing, the planning policies that are in place and how to address the issues as part of the development project process.

In this section:

  1. Introduction
  2. Climate change projections for London
  3. Aspects of development projects that are affected by climate change
  4. London Plan Policies on Climate Change Adaptation
  5. Addressing climate change adaptation as part of the planning and design process

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