Breeam: Wst05 adaptation to climate change

office buildings2By designing a building with adaptation to climate change in mind a large number of Breeam credits can be awarded.

There are up to 15 credits available relating to climate change. Most of these are spread over the variety of topics that are affected by climate change such as thermal comfort and flood risk. In addition to these, Breeam New Construction 2014 introduced a specific issue to deal with adaptation to climate change: Wst05 Adaptation to Climate Change.

Wst05 Adaptation to Climate Change has two elements. Firstly there is a basic credit for considering the effects of structural and fabric resilience to climate change. The requirements for this credit are:

Conduct a climate change adaptation strategy appraisal for structural and fabric resilience by the end of Concept Design (RIBA Stage 2 or equivalent), in accordance with the following approach:

Carry out a systematic (structural and fabric resilience specific) risk assessment to identify and evaluate the impact on the building over its projected life cycle from expected extreme weather conditions arising from climate change and, where feasible, mitigate against these impacts. The assessment should cover the following stages:

  1. Hazard identification
  2. Hazard assessment
  3. Risk estimation
  4. Risk evaluation
  5. Risk management

The second element is an exemplary credit that can be achieved by addressing the requirements in a range of other issues that are affected by climate change:

  • Hea 04 Thermal comfort
  • Ene 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions
  • Ene 04 Low carbon design
  • Wat 01 Water consumption
  • Mat 05 Designing for durability and resilience
  • Pol 03 Surface water run-off

We have over 10 years experience in addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation in new building projects and have used this experience to develop a cost conscience approach to addressing the Breeam credits related to climate change adaptation.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve the Breeam credits in a cost effective manner whilst adding to the quality of the building design at the same time.

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