Great buildings, great places

Deliver places that are good for business, where people can thrive and the environment is protected.
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We believe that it is possible to create development projects that are sustainable and profitable.

We also know that there are many barriers to deliver great places and great buildings where people can thrive, good businesses make a profit and the environment and resource availability are protected.

Our aim is to help our clients by removing the barriers that stop people from building really great buildings.

Building great places and great buildings is challenging for a number of reasons. One of the biggest challenges undoubtedly lies with the many parties and their varying requirements on the project. Project sponsors, users, regulators and local residents all have expectations for any development project. With so many stakeholders and varying interests it is easy to get in a position where others drive the project’s agenda.

Leadership, project understanding and communication are the three main ingredients to ensure the developer stays in control of their project. A pro-active approach to projects based on these three pillars ensures the developer will be able to define how all requirements and concerns are defined and implemented in the most advantageous manner.

We excel in providing developers with a thorough understanding of all aspects of a development project. We do this through building project knowledge in an intelligent and prudent manner; to make the right decision at the right time requires the right amount of knowledge at the right time.

We help with defining which studies are required for the project and more importantly we can advice on the timing and the scope of these studies. In addition to this we are able to provide a comprehensive range of social and environmental reports for the project. These include energy strategies, health impact assessment, flood risk assessments, daylight and sunlight studies and ecological surveys.

In helping you to create great places and great buildings we aim to ensure that the projects are:

  • Cost effective investments
  • Contribute to the economic strength of region and country
  • Healthy, pleasant and attractive places to work and be in
  • Resilient and adapted to climate change
  • Embracing the principles of the circular economy by encouraging resource and energy efficiency and waste minimisation
  • Promote biodiversity

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